Tues. Mar 16, 2021, 10:30AM to 12:20PM (Zoom)

Today’s class is primarily devoted to discussion and brainstorming.


  • Brief check-in.
  • Any questions?


Assignment 11 Review

Let’s discuss your progress on Assignment 11. In many ways this was a warmup for the first project.

  1. Why did you choose the specific context for your creation?
  2. What sorts of behaviors do you wish you could have implemented to enhance the sense of presence?
  3. What hidden motivations or agenda did you consider for the presence?
  4. What was the most surprising discovery?

In-Class Activities

Introduction to Project 1: Ambient Proxy Body. We’ll talk about our intentions and expectations for this assignment.

Slideshow of Inspiration for Project 1

General discussion:

  • What project ideas immediately come to mind?
  • How can we bring together telematic history, contextual placement, textile craft, mechanical craft, software, and telemetry to tunnel a sense of presence bidirectionally between two locations?
  • What sort of affordances or techniques do you feel we are missing to accomplish your goals?

Assignment 12

  • Please write and post a list of ten project ideas, each described by a single sentence.
  • This will be an individual assignment.
  • This is due Thursday, March 18 at the beginning of class.