Below are some ideas for Project 1:

  1. Socks that light in different colors up when your partner is walking vs. resting.
  2. The hand holding glove: a glove that squeezes back when signaled by your partner.
  3. A wristlet that detects when you wake up; curtains that roll up automatically in response.
  4. A pillow that feels when it is being squeezed by your partner and the other reacts with different sound pitches depending on the tightness.
  5. Using the light sensor, we could make a fridge lurker that plays a tune and lights up when your partner’s fridge opens (and the light turns on).
  6. Depending on the ambient temperature around your partner, a “tapestry” that switches colors/patterns.
  7. Headband that sense chewing – and then your partner’s wristlet will glow.
  8. An array/matrix of soft pressure sensors (maybe covered in different color fabrics) that one partner can tap and then the other partner hears corresponding pitches/sees matching colored lights – could be like one of those matching games!
  9. A lamp stand crawler that moves up and down the lamp pole depending on how much your partner has been moving around – like a meter for their movement.
  10. Hanging “gardens” – maybe pieces of conductive fabric or pressure sensors – that can be activated with a simple hand running through them; the partner could have a motorized leaf/flower that reacts to this.