Here are some ideas I came up with:

1. An inflatable heart covered in expressive fabric that inflates and deflates with the person’s heartbeat

2. A draping fabric that begins to slowly turn around when the other person walks away, as if it is searching for them and waiting for them to return

3. A drape that reveals your water bottle every time the other person drinks from their water

4. Whenever one person picks up their phone, a small friend shakes back and forth to inform the other that they are distracted

5. A soft sensor that flashes a light to the other person when pressed and becomes visibly distressed if not being pressed for a while

6. An elaborate drape that moves gently (as if the breeze of someone walking by) every time one person walks in and out of a room

7. The amount of light in one space is translated to another through the slower or faster movement of fabric

8. A large drape that moves slowly when the other person’s skin is cold and faster once they warm up

9. An inflatable that curls in irritation when there is a lot of noise in the other persons location

10. An inflatable that inflates and holds its breath in anticipation when the other person walks away