Today we tested out Helen’s code for our ambient wind chime project, and it was a great success! When Helen shook her microcontroller it was able to transmit data through the MQTT Bridge to Celia’s servo unit and get it to rotate. We believe that once we attach our wind chime unit to the servo it will be able to activate smoothly and create the ambient presence we are wanting to achieve. We are hoping to all be able to use the MQTT Bridge to transmit our chair movements to one another at once (EX: Helen transmits to Celia, Celia transmits to Elle, and Elle transmits to Helen) ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Testing Helen’s code through the MQTT Bridge to see if she could activate Celia’s servo from her end.
Helen transmitting data to Celia’s servo unit through the MQTT Bridge.

Prototype Improvements

  1. Make the Bluefruit more sensitive to movement
  2. Make the servo sweep for longer or in a wider range