The creature that we are designing is curled up most of the time; however, it is meant to flatten when it hears a loud sound. For Thursday, we tested out a code with the servomotor driven pneumatic that causes the motor to change angles and activate the pneumatic when the Bluefruit detects a loud noise.

We also attempted different methods of making a fabric with elastic abilities of ‘snapping back’ to the original form after being stretched. Knife pleats were successful in achieving hidden folds for gems, but the lack of stability with the fabric alone caused the pleats to remain stretched out. Thin pieces of wood were stuck between every other pleat to maintain the stability. We’ll need to try different inflatables in order to see how stiff the wood makes the pleats. There may be a need to make the inflatable a hinge, or the pleats might be enough to make the hinge based on how the fabric is connected to the inflatable.