Here is a video of our design. Currently our design is sensitive to light and sound.

There are 3 cases:

1. Silence – Low level activity a) Low light b) High light

2. Sound

If 1 a) The motor will move according to a randomized maximum angle and a small speed. If 1 b) The motor will go to 180 degrees with a normal size step.If the movements are interrupted by sound the Adafruit will flash red, and the movement will restart, if it detects silence again. The muslin is the fabric and the paperclip is just acting as the instrument we will be using.

After attending office hours yesterday, we were inspired to try different folds in the fabric to create more arbitrary streaks. Using clips, we tried three folds.

resulting marks

The blots are cute, but we also want to attempt using a syringe to pump out dyes and have a liquid travel through the fabric. Regardless of whether or not we want to use a syringe, the code is the same, so we have some room to experiment with coloring the fabric. Other methods to try include: tying cloth with elastics, shibori stitch dyeing, and clamp dyeing.