Thurs. 25, 2021, 10:30AM to 12:20PM (Zoom)

Today’s class is primarily devoted to discussion and brainstorming.


  • Brief check-in.
  • Any questions?


  • Soft Technologies Office Hours: Wednesdays, 7-8pm at this zoom link
    • with Professors Olivia Robinson, Chris Atkeson (RI), Melisa Orta Martinez (RI), and Jim McCann (CS).

In-Class Activities

Share progress on Project 1: Ambient Proxy Body by sharing Assignment 14.

Each group will meet with one other group to share and receive feedback. Please open this shared slide deck and use it for taking notes and also giving feedback to each other. We encourage adding additional sketches as needed. We will then re-meet as a class and each group will briefly describe their project refinements and discussion.

Individual group breakout sessions. Garth and Olivia will move from group to group to consult.

After the breakouts, we will regather in the main session to review your next steps. Each group will discuss how they are approaching constructing prototypes with kinetic fabric mechanism.

Assignment 15

We are expecting that creating a kinetic fabric mechanism will take some time to develop with multiple iterations. Assignment 15 is to fabricate a prototype with a working kinetic fabric mechanism.

  • Fabricate a prototype with a proof-of-concept kinetic fabric mechanism. The fabric kinetic mechanism does not need to be refined, but should be developed enough to demonstrate a working version of your idea.
  • Continue your development of your Circuit Playground software (including reading sensors, moving actuators, transmitting sensor data, receiving remote data, performing an ambient behavior, and performing a responsive behavior – without using the MQTT server yet.)
  • Record a brief video of the outcome.
  • This is dueTuesday, March 30 at the beginning of class.