Tue. Mar 30, 2021, 10:30AM to 12:20PM (Zoom)

Today’s class is primarily devoted to discussion and review.


  • Brief check-in.
  • Any questions?


In-Class Activities

More precedent work.

Share progress on Project 1: Ambient Proxy Body by sharing Assignment 15 to the whole class.

Individual group breakout sessions. Garth and Olivia will move from group to group to consult.

Assignment 16

We are expecting that creating a kinetic fabric mechanism will take some time to develop with multiple iterations. The goal of Assignment 15 was to fabricate a prototype with a working kinetic fabric mechanism including structure and actuation.

The goal of Assignment 16 is to explore the space of kinetic effect achievable using the mechanism through physical experimentation and software development. This increases the dynamic range of the performance.

If your device is not yet complete to the point where it can be programmed with different movements, it is important that you resolve your process and physical design to catch up.

  • Refine your proof-of-concept kinetic fabric mechanism.
  • Explore the space of possible movements or kinetic effects. If exploring by hand, please keep in mind the limitations of mechanical actuation.
  • Develop a plan for the physical movements; this constitutes a vocabulary of motion realizable in code.
  • Implement one or more proof-of-concept ambient and responsive physical behaviors in the Circuit Playground software (including reading sensors, moving actuators, transmitting sensor data, receiving remote data, performing an ambient behavior, and performing a responsive behavior – without using the MQTT server yet.)
  • Record a brief video of the outcome.
  • This is due Thursday, March 30 at the beginning of class.