We are interested in creating a set of marionette dolls that we could control using soft sensor pads for movement. By tethering the marionette dolls to the hobby servo units, we hope to achieve both a vertical and horizontal range of motion. We are drawn to the traditional silk marionettes, but we would like to experiment with incorporating different weights of fabric, yarn, and beads.ย 


The overall concept of this project is to be able to intentionally move the partners marionette, wether the doll looks like it is dancing or simply waving. We want there to be a physical sense of connection between both parties and allow the dolls to act as a medium.

Inspirational Images & Research

Images and concepts we were drawn to when looking researching marionette dolls

Concept Rendering

Using one servo flat and the other on its side to achieve both horizontal and vertical ranges of movement?



Hobby Servos

Soft Sensor Pads





Embroidery floss