We brainstormed a few different ideas for Project 2 and wanted to present all of them to ask what other people thought would be most interesting/could suggest to make the concepts better.

Concept 1: The Annoying Younger Sibling with The Dismissive Older Sibling

The “little sibling” flicks a surface or “pokes” a button to annoy the “older sibling.” The older sibling will receive this in some form of movement, likely a buzz or vibration, through a wearable device. They can then stop this by possibly shushing loudly or another physical touch interaction with the wearable. This will start a period in which the younger sibling cannot annoy the older – after which the poking may begin once again.

Materials and technologies: buttons (maybe pressure sensitive fabric buttons with Velostat and conductive thread!), buzzing motors, sound sensor on Bluefruit

Concept 2: Stretching Shirts

This idea involves shirts that are worn by the two connected people that can sense when they’re being stretched. When one gets stretched, it will alert the other one with a series of tones to stretch as well. The shirt will buzz in return if the other person completes the stretch as well.

A possible way to accomplish this is to have the circuit “complete” when the stretch occurs – so the stretch would make the two pieces of conductive thread touch or some pressure to applied to some Velostat.

We could also extend this to someone touching their toes – and when the gloves they are wearing touch the socks they are wearing, the other person is alerted in the same way as described above.

Materials and technologies: fabric, conductive thread, buzzing motors, speaker on Bluefruit

Concept 3: Interactive Desk Friends

Each partner would receive an interactive (possibly furry and inflatable) little desk friend that will move back and forth when pet. The desk friend knows when the other one is being pet and will ‘beg’ for attention so that it can be as loved as the other desk friend.

Materials and technologies: fabric, Bluefruit, inflatables and fur, servos, googly eyes!