Hand-Operated Mechanisms Kit

This page describes a set of laser-cuttable parts which can be used to rapidly prototype hand-operated mechanisms for operating kinetic textile sculptures.

The SolidWorks CAD files can be browsed or downloaded from SolidWorks/hand-operated, plus some individual files are directly linked from the index images below.

Laser-Cut Parts List

All of these are designed to be laser-cut from 6 mm plywood.

  • pulley (with pin circle diameters 40, 80 and 160 mm)

  • pillow-block

  • pegboard (in sizes 70x70 and 150x300 mm)

  • spur-gear-20-tooth

  • spur-gear-40-tooth

  • spur-gear-60-tooth

  • gear-carrier

  • follower

Component Parts List

These are standard parts we have purchased.

  • 57455K51_Plastic Tapered Handle.SLDPRT

  • 6308K41_Plastic Tapered Handle with Revolving Grip.SLDPRT

  • 90473A029_Low-Strength Steel Hex Nut.SLDPRT

  • 91306A379_Button Head Hex Drive Screws.SLDPRT


  • 98306A159_1004-1045 Carbon Steel Clevis Pin.SLDPRT

  • generic_eyebolt.SLDPRT

  • round_unthreaded_spacer.SLDPRT

Laser-Cut Parts


pulley.SLDPRT, pulley-40.dxf


pulley.SLDPRT, pulley-80.dxf


pulley.SLDPRT, pulley-160.dxf


spur-gear-20-tooth.SLDPRT, spur-gear-20-tooth.dxf


spur-gear-60-tooth.SLDPRT, spur-gear-60-tooth.dxf (Not shown: spur-gear-40-tooth.SLDPRT)


gear-carrier.SLDPRT, gear-carrier.dxf


pillow-block.SLDPRT, pillow-block.dxf


follower.SLDPRT, follower.dxf


pegboard.SLDPRT, pegboard-70x70.dxf


pegboard.SLDPRT, pegboard-150x300.dxf

Sample Assemblies





Component Parts


Wooden dowel pin, nominal 1/4 inch diameter.


Steel clevis pin, nominal 1/4 inch diameter.


Crank handle with 1/4-20 stud and revolving grip.


Button-head 1/4-20 screw.


1/4-20 nut.


Eyebolt with 1/4-20 thread and nut.