Project One: Instrumented Tool with Transformed Feedback

The scope of the first project is to prototype a custom instrumented tool and create a user feedback system based on algorithmic transformations consistent with the fabrication process and design intent.  This will extend our notion of ‘input’ to include more intimate measurement of human intent, and the notion of ‘transformation’ and ‘output’ to be … [Read more…]

Day One

Agenda Introductions Brief course overview, in two parts Survey questions Logistics: Card access Web site XSEAD Blackboard Safety Machine qualification Exercise 1 introduction Introduction of tools Notebooks Pair formation Room re-organization Begin exercise 1


16-455/48-530 Human-Machine Virtuosity: Hybrid Skill, Fabrication and Design A Spring 2015 undergraduate course at Carnegie Mellon University. Tue/Thu 10:00AM-11:20AM, Hunt A10 Human dexterous skill embodies a wealth of physical understanding which complements computer-based design and machine fabrication.  This project-oriented course explores the duality between hand and machine through the practical development of innovative design and … [Read more…]