Touch & Melt: Tactile Abstraction and Robotic Heat-Forming

by Hang Wang & Varun Gadh Abstract Touch & Melt explores human-machine collaborative fabrication in a process that leverages an innate human skill and a functional robotic skill. The ability to find and focus on engaging physical facets of objects and unique textures on object surfaces Рand relatedly, the ability to easily generate an intricate
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Tactile Abstraction (Shortest Path Prototype)

This project uses MoCap technology to leverage human tactile scanning to the end of generating an abstracted version of the form of the scanned object. It will take advantage of innate human skill of highlighting artifacts of particular tactile importance. It will then recreate an abstracted version of the scan using a hot air rework
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PanCap Varun Gadh, Hang Wang 02-19-2018 Please find our video here. Abstract The initial goal of PanCap was to use motion capture technology to better understand, and digitally simulate, the process of flipping a pancake. We have been able to achieve both of these goals. A tertiary goal – to try to glean information from
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