Exercise: Academic Literature Tools

We will be browsing a lot of academic literature, so we all need to be up to speed on the basic tools: literature databases, reference management, and citation formats.


  1. Become familiar with the tools of academic literature research.


  1. Read Guide to Library Resources.

  2. Install the Carnegie Mellon University VPN software if you don’t already have it

  3. Install some Reference Management Software if you don’t already use any. I personally use and recommend Zotero.

  4. Browse IEEE Xplore for anything related to soft robotics and find one paper which seems intriguing.

  5. Create an account on the course site. Your account username will be your Andrew email address and your password will be your Andrew password.

  6. Write a site post with a sentence describing why you picked the paper, followed by the citation in BibTeX format.


  1. Short blog post.