Day 8: (Wed Feb 24, Week 4) Means and Methods

Notes for 2021-02-24.

New Assignments

  1. New assignment: Exercise 7B, due Sunday night: Part B: Means and Methods.

Daily Agenda

  1. Opening comments.

  2. Exercise 7A Review.

  3. Discussion.

  4. Mid-class break.

  5. Breakouts. Many of your project ideas center on human-machine interface.

    1. Quickly choose a human-machine interface scenario.

      1. Does it involve deliberate or unconscious communication?

      2. Is it transactional or continuous?

      3. Is the machine active or passive?

    2. What gestures or physical actions are intrinsic to the task?

    3. What physical processes could be involved in sensing?

    4. In what way would active prompting and engagement change the interaction?

    5. What specific soft materials could be used in implementation?