Day 10: (Wed Mar 3, Week 5) Research Group Formation

Notes for 2021-03-03.

New Assignments

  1. New assignment: Exercise 8, due by the next class: Exercise: Clarifying Research Scope. This is the first collaborative exercise, each group should write one joint blog post.

Daily Agenda

  1. Administrative

    • Monday Mar 8 we will meet as usual on Zoom from 9:10 to 9:55, then leave to join Gina Olson’s 10AM faculty candidate talk, “Soft Structures: The Backbone of Soft Robots”. I’ll forward the invite later which contains the private Zoom link.

  2. Comments: setting expectations.

  3. Discussion: topic categories and interest alignments.

  4. Breakout 1: brainstorming artistic or design focus.

  5. Review and discussion.

  6. Mid-class break.

  7. Breakout 2: brainstorming research scope and proof-of-concept experiments.

  8. Review and discussion.