Project 1 – Kun Peng

In this project, I explored the harmony and intervals in midi files and visualized these qualities. Each midi note is represented by a cube, which is pressed down/pulled up when the note is turned on/off. A noise value relevant to the dissonance of the chord currently held is generated and applied to the position attribute of the cubes. The rendered mesh object changes its color mode when there is a root-note change detected in the chord. Unfortunately, the visualization is pretty crude and I’m still very far from what I wanted to do. I had some troubles trying to manipulate each cube independently in a more creative way under context, for example, applying a glow effect on a specific cube when a note is turned on. My major plan is to improve my methods of generating the cubes so that ultimately they can be manipulated independently.

This part of the patch evaluates the intervals in a currently-held chord and assigns a dissonance value to it. The current evaluation is subjective and cannot accommodate inversions or the subtle differences in complex chords. For future work, I will integrate the material discussed in this note and produce more robust evaluations.

This part of the patch generates the noise value and applies it to the position matrix.


A short demonstration of the patch(I know the visualization still looks too simple; I will work on more ways to integrate the signal processed into the rendered objects).