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A Time Machine to when Drake’s Hotline Bling was still relevant

I started off wanting to recreate the effect within Earth, Wind, and Fire’s music video for September.  In the end I did something a little bit different, but still really cool.  I used Chroma Keying (or greenscreening) to play a delayed version of a video behind the subject.  It ended up making a really cool effect that I would love to explore more, both with different greenscreen footage and even footage without.

Assignment 1 – Brooke Ley

For my project, I worked with data-moshing a video loop of a pinecone time lapse.  Data-moshing takes advantage of the way video files are compressed, and the glitches can be layered by repeating the process with each loop.

I tried with both starting from the pinecone image and starting from black. Starting from the pinecone created a more glitchy image at the end; starting from black led to more distorted colors at the beginning.

I used the technique of I-Frame deletion which you can read more about over here.