Kinect: Human Theramin


For our final project, Ken and I originally wanted to control a videogame by using a kinect sensor. But we ran into problems getting it to work with emulators, so we decided to keep the kinect and make a human theramin with it!

My contribution was just the getting the data, while Ken was in charge of the sound synthesis.

My first step was to use the extension dp.kinect2, which is used to get all kinds of data from the kinect to use in a maxpatch.

We made sure that we could get the skeleton data from what is infront of the kinect, and I then picked out the separate data for the head, feet, and hands. (The data itself is the body part on an XYZ axis.) I then sent the data over to Ken’s computer, and we used that to make the rest of the project!

Overall I like how it turned out, because if you’re precise you can actually make some music with our project. But we didn’t have enough time to add more to it, but if we did it probably would’ve been doing something with the video footage from the kinect as well.