yufeiwan – Project 2: Visualizing Sound

For my final project, I wanted to do something that is related to sound visualization. At first, I was inspired by this YouTube video

and hoped that I could accomplish something similar to this one. So I started out trying to build just one object (like a sphere) and tried to manipulate its size and color as the music plays. But I struggled with making the object as complicated as the one I show in the video.

So I changed my mind and tried to do something that is more achievable for me. After following this tutorial

to build a particle system, I tried to rebuild the patch so that the particle system can react to music. I also added color features into my patch – I can change the background color of my world, and change the brightness of my particles so that the particle system won’t look too boring. Users can adjust the amplitude of the particle system and the size of the system to achieve different effects. To demonstrate that, I made the presets to show the different visualizations my system can achieve through just changing numbers in some number boxes.

Here is a video I recorded that is me demonstrating the patch:

And here is the link to the google drive.