mwiedman – Final Project

For my final project, I wanted to work with manipulating visuals since it’s something I focused a lot on working with audio in the class. My original idea was to use leap motion to manipulate videos – with the idea that electronic artists would be able to do something more engaging than stand at a laptop during their concerts. Instead you could see their hands move to change the graphics on the screen – almost like a conductor of the visuals.

However, I really struggled to get leap motion to work on my laptop so I had to change tactics. I started using the pitch of the audio to automatically control certain aspects of the jitter object – ranging from color to position to shape. If I were going to keep working on this project I think I would like to explore with adding more colors and working with the object. I would also like to focus on manipulating the audio during the song that is playing, and then having the manipulated sound also affect the audio. This way the artists could still manipulate the video based on the effects they add to the song.

I used my assignment 4 patch for my started file as this project, because I liked the way that the audio of an fft controlled a jitter matrix. This also gave me a good foundation to look at what parameters I could modify