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This page has information on free CAD programs for CMU students.

We will be doing our final presentations at Meeting of the Minds on May 12 in the CUC.  I thought we could do a group registration, but you each need to register for the event. You get a free t-shirt, food, and other goodies for signing up.  Here’s the info:

“Please go to  http://www.cmu.edu/uro/MoM/index.html and click on “REGISTER” at the bottom of the screen.  You will then authenticate through the WebISO system.   Your profile will come up – you will need to click on “add project” and add the information for your Meeting of the Minds presentation.  The Project Type will be “Symposium”, and the event will be “Symposium 2017″ – then please complete the other information.  Please also check the information listed in your student profile and make any necessary corrections.”

The tutorial for the IDeATe laser cutter is here. The same pages are also in a 3 ring binder in the laser cutter room and will soon be available in a poster on the wall.

Fire Safety Certificate

If you haven’t already had fire safety training from CMU’s Environmental Health and Safety team, you should sign up for a session as soon as possible. It’s an interesting class and you need the certification for many student activities. If you have done the training before, send me your certificate. We can pull your certificate from the bioraft system