Swinging Whistle

The Swinging Whistle

This toy is┬ábased on Foxtails, as well as a traditional Korean “toy” in which a tin can with a flame inside is attached to a string and it is swung around. It is fairly simple to use. You hold the the movable bit on the rope and swing! A whistling sound should come out, and different tones can be achieved by replacing the end piece with pieces of varying size holes.

It should be made out of durable material, maybe wood, so that it could be potentially whacked around (expect that it will be dropped). The durability of the rope is essential, so a thicker type of cord that is still flexible is desired.

This toy has some safety concerns, due to the fact that it is used by swinging it quite hard. It should not be used indoors, and adult supervision for small children is advised.