Amazing Customizable, Semi-Safe Bunjee Ball!

Amazing, Customizable, Semi-Safe Bunjee Ball!

This toy was based a favorite of mine from when I was little. The concept is simple, but provides hours of fun and learning! A soft, foam ball is attached to a bunjee cord of some type. The other end of the cord is attached to a velcro strap that fits around the user’s wrist. They throw the ball, the cord stretches, and the ball comes flying back.

This is a semi-safe version of a popular toy that maybe choked too many kids
Bunjee Ball Concept Drawing

A child (or me) could throw the ball at a number of surfaces to learn about how the ball interacts. The cord makes retrieval very easy. Alternatively, you can throw the ball in the air and watch it return when the bunjee cord stretches. What makes this educational, is that children will be active and more likely to explore their surroundings and experiment with varying tensions and throwing speeds.

Foam Ball Example

By using a soft foam, spongy ball, surfaces and childrens’ faces will not be damaged. This allows for safe play with minimal consequences. Additionally, balls can be decorated and customized and even fitted with electronics. The cord can also be swapped for varying lengths and tensions so children can learn about elasticity.