Zipper Cars


1.) The Zipper Car design is based on the principles of sound frequency and potential and kinetic energy effects.

2.) The child(ren) will play with toy by constructing a series of track places to make hills and curves in any sequence that they desire.   Once they have constructed a track layout, they can pick and choose which Zipper Car they’d like to send “zipping” around the track.  After, the car is sent down the track, the child can gaze and listen as the car’s wheels produce varying frequencies of sound as it speeds up and slows down along the course of the track.

3.)The cost of construction will be relatively low.  Nearly all types of wood will be structurally sufficient to allow for successful and durable use.  Zipper cars will be a durable product as long as it is used properly.  Similarly to Hot Wheels, the car can be deformed or damaged if stepped on or thrown.  The cars themselves will be made out of plastics and low-cost aluminum.  The cars and track pieces serve as no notable hazard other than a potential choking hazard to infants and small children.