Design/Build Scoring Rubric


Design Team Points

  • Design requirements. All the members of the design team can stand upright in the structure together. Maximum 25 points. 5 points off for each team member who doesn’t fit. 1 point off for each protruding head, arm, or leg.
  • Minimal use of materials. Points awarded in rank order of material use. Maximum 16 points, minimum 6 points.

Construction Team Points

  • Adherence to design intent (i.e. to the drawings and instructions). Maximum 15 points.
  • Improvements to the design. Improvement must be documented and must increase the design team’s score. Maximum 10 point bonus.

Points shared by Design and Construction Teams*

  • Structural integrity, measured by deflection under a gentle push. (Remember that structures have zero degrees of freedom!) Maximum 20 points.
  • Build time. Points awarded in rank order of construction time. Maximum 5 points, minimum 4 points.
  • Aesthetics. 7 points.

*For any particular structure, each team gets half the points for this category. So some of your points for this category will come from the structure you designed and some from the structure you built.