The A-maze-ing Cube Project Report

Team Members: Raul Martinez, Mary Safy, Siddhant Wadhwa

The A-maze-ing cube combines a fifteen puzzle game into a six-sided cube with a puzzle on each side. By using an arduino, the A-maze-ing cube lights up each side that is being played with. Because our toy requires skill to solve, we envisioned an older age group of 10-12 year olds.

Learning Goals
The main learning goal of this toy is to teach children the problem-solving skills involved in solving a fifteen puzzle. Because of its small, handheld form, we hoped this toy would be easily accessible to children and could be used on-the-go.


Operation Information
The usage of the toy is rather straightforward and intuitive. The user is expected to solve the 15-puzzle faces of the cube by moving around the tiles to form the correct image.

Acrylic sheets
24x blue LEDs
Connector cables
9v battery
24x 100ohm resistors
Transistor array

Total cost is under $30.

Circuit Diagram

cad files

With more time, we would assemble the maze faces onto the cube. As the puzzle was being solved, the bearing ball would roll through a circuit, causing that area of the surface to light up.