Rubber Band Helicopter

Rubber Band Helicopter


The child would interact with the toy by winding up the rubber band and attaching it to the hooks. They can experiment with how much the band gets wound and different shaped wings to see how they affects the helicopter’s flight height, time, distance, etc. In addition, they can compete with their friends’ helicopters in all of these different areas.


By playing with this toy, children can learn about different forms of energy (elastic potential, kinetic). They can also learn about aerodynamics and how things fly.

Construction Materials, Durability, and Safety:

  • The helicopter and wings would likely be made of plastic. The rubber band would be an elastic material.
  • It would be fairly durable, as it would¬†likely run into walls or any other obstacles. The rubber band would also have to be very durable, as it would be stretched frequently.
  • The helicopter and wings¬†would be large enough to not be a choking hazard. The rubber band would be non-toxic.