Looping Glider

Looping Glider


The Looping Glider is a glider on a leash. As the user spins the glider around in a large circle it creates lift and creates tension in the leash. It demonstrates the concept of lift and centripetal acceleration.


The Looping Glider enables kids to fly a plane around themselves by swinging the glider in increasingly larger circles. When in use the glider’s lift creates tension on the cord which gives the child a physical representation of lift. Depending on the length of the cord the Looping Glider could be used indoors or outdoors. It introduces ideas of lift and develops motor skills.


The Looping Glider would be made of lightweight balsa wood connected with a cord as a leash. It would be very inexpensive to manufacture. The leash creates a choking hazard, and there is small hazard of splinters from the wooden glider.