Build Your Own Rocket!

Toy Rocket with Interchangeable Parts

The toy rocket is a fun way for children to learn about air drag and pressure.

Children can create their own rockets by choosing various parts from a selection of differently shaped bodies, noses, and fins. By mixing and matching these different parts of the rocket, children can see how different parts and shapes affect the performance of the rocket. Children can try to aim their rocket at a target on the ground or compete against each other to see who can make their rocket go the highest, farthest, fastest, etc.

The children launch their rocket by placing them on the tripod and jumping on the air pump.

The rocket parts will be made of a light, durable plastic and the air pump and target will be made of a soft plastic. The stand can be made of plastic or metal. If the toy is left in extreme conditions, like in the hot sun, the plastic will degrade and make the parts break more easily. This toy is aimed towards older children, ranging ages 8-13, since the smaller pieces are choking hazards for younger children.