Seesaw Candy Dispenser

SeeSaw Candy Dispenser

The SeeSaw Candy Dispenser is a fun, but educational way to give your 5+ kids candy.  This dispenser teaches kids the basics of levers and torques.

Not So Fast!

With the SeeSaw Candy Dispenser, your children have to put their brains to use to get those teeth rotting pieces of candy.  Candy is pushed with the side bar onto the tray inside of the dispenser.  To get the candy to rise to the top of the dispenser, the child must put weights on the tray on the outside of the dispenser.  You can challenge your child by putting weights on the inside tray, which makes them think more about what they need on the outside.  Don’t worry!!  The candy is blocked off from the hole where the candy comes and the candy compartment is locked so they can’t cheat.


The SeeSaw Candy Dispenser is a cheap and affordable toy.  Since there aren’t any complex or massive loads on the toy it can be made out of plastic.  It may pose a safety risk because of the small weights that come with it.