Shape Sorting Cube

Shape Sorting Cube

Physical Principle:

  • This toy was based of the idea of teaching shapes to children. Still, it teaches children more than that. It teaches them patterns, problem solving, and motor coordination. It allows the child to start exploring ideas at an early age and introduces them to concepts they will learn later in life.

How To Use:

  • The idea is self explanatory, the child is supposed to take the shaped block and try to insert them into the cube. If the shape they are holding doesn’t fit, then they keep on trying until they get it right. When they are finished you can unhook a latch on the side of the cube to take out blocks and start again.
  • This is intended for children of all ages but we mostly want them to help babies to give them a healthy dose of curiosity that they can expand upon later.

Cost, Durability, and Safety:

  • This to will be entirely made out of plastic and because of this given the age of the children this toy will be very durable meaning it will not easily be broken even if ┬áit is tossed around. The shape blocks will most likely be hollowed out so they can be light and easy to handle by the child.
  • The cost of this toy shouldn’t be that high, around $7-$8 but this can increase if add interchangeable faces.
  • This toy is very safe because the size of the cube is large and made of plastic meaning it can’t seriously hurt a child if not intended to. The blocks are also much bigger than child’s mouth or eye socket meaning toy shouldn’t pose any choking hazard.