Musical Instrument: Xylophone

Musical Instrument: Xylophone

Physical Principle:

  • The two principle that this toy is based of are rhythm and musical appreciation. The toy is supposed to allow children to explore the avenue of sound and if the they child is really skilled he/she can explore elementary music by understanding the basic musical notes sounds. Still, the child can enjoy this toy by simply finding patterns and playing some short rhythm that they like.

How to Use:

  • This a musical toy of the percussion family, meaning that in order to use, you take the wooden stick and hit the bars in some set or random order to give of a sound that you want. You can also take of the bars and set them in some order so that is easier for you to play want it is that you want to play.
  • The age group for this toy will most likely be children ages 5 and up with the intention that as older children play with it they can demonstrate an understanding of music

Cost, Durability, and Safety:

  • The musical bars and the small mallets will be made of wood so that you can get the sounds that you want out of the toy. The base will be made of a thick plastic in order to hold down the bars which will be held down by over-sized round plastic screws that the child can take out if they want and move around the boards.
  • The cost for this toy will most likely be around $12-$15.
  • The only health hazard are the screws but this should not be a problem because if child is young enough then they will think the round bobs are part of the toy and that are not really screws. However, the older children will understand this and know that they can come of to rearrange the bars.