This is a toy that meant to teach kids what spining can do.

There is a core spin plate which is interchangable with other types of modules. Currently, there are 3 different modules that can be changed: color mixer, spinning movie, and juice centrifuge.

How the cord spins and different kinds of replacable plates

For color mixer,  it is meant to teach children how color and light works. There are a few pre-made plates, when they starts to spin, the color will seem to mix together. Children can experiment on the premade plates.

For the spinning movies, there are several pre-made plates with several animal pictures which can form a continuous motion. When the plate spins, because of Persistence of Vision effect, the animal will be appear to be moving.

For the juice centrifuge, it is meant to teach kids about centripital force and liquid content. (Juice is more preferable because the fiber content). Pour juice into the centrifuge jar, then start spining. After several rounds of spinning, the fiber content in the juice will be separated from the liquid content.