Table of Toy Concepts

Student Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3
1 Basketball Catapult Spinning Whip Top

Snowball Crossbow

2 Chemical Reaction Car Dangling Hooks
Rubber Band Helicopter
3 Boomershot Slithery Lil Snakey Snake Wall Brite
4 Hand-crank Xylophone Roller-Pup Twirl-Stacker
5 Paper Plane Drone Maze Cube Puzzle Ball
6 Looping Glider Helibirdie Animal Building Blocks
7 Build Your Own Rocket! Marble Building Blocks Toy Car Track

Actual Working Moon Boots

This is a semi-safe version of a popular toy that maybe choked too many kids

Amazing Customizable, Semi-Safe Bunjee

Super Powerful Windup Car

9 Magnetic Sand Newton’s cradle with shapes Spinning top
10 Circuit Ball Music Bot RGBall
11 Crash Test Light Shift Skyline
12 CLAP Drawing Machine Light String

Mystery Blocks

Swinging Whistle


14 Round Binary Mable Counter Weight Lever System Wind-up Freighter
15 Heli-Top Spectrum Ball Zipper Cars
16 Beyblade “Extreme” Etch-A-More Sketches Pinball X Hockey
Jake Electromagnetic Rail Twirler Train Blockage UFO
18 Customizable Magnet Wheel Extreme Hot Potato Moldable Toy Car Track
19 Gravity Maze Let’s Go Fishing Magnetic Toy Block
20 Light-a-Sketch Light-up Puzzle Lincoln Blocks
21 Build-a-Car


Spring-loaded Sling-Shot

22 Balancebots Carbucket Flybird

Alphabet Puzzle Peg Board

Musical Instrument: Xylophone

Shape Sorting Cube


Real Life Angry Birds

Build Your Own Guitar

Color Mixing Top

25 Propeller Launcher Water Canon

Xylophone Wheel



Inclined Drag Race

Wind Tunnel Bowling

Michael Spin-up Custom Color Whirly-Gig Whiz
28 Seesaw Candy Dispenser Happy Sad Man Jumping Man
29 Spinnnnn! Bumper Car Land
Light Tower
30 Build-a-Plane Magnetic Crane Mini Basketball
31 SpyMaker Dynamic Maze