“Paper Plane” Drone

Interaction – This toy builds on the idea of a “paper plane” by making it able to fly for longer periods of time and making it more permanent/durable. This toy would be a remote controlled plane, that children could shape by folding. Because of this, children could create multiple different plane shapes and use their remote controls to fly their planes.

Physical Principle – This toy uses principles of folding to show children how to create different plane designs. It also teaches children about gravity, as it is remote controlled to fly.

Materials/Durability/Safety – The plane body would be made of hard plastic. The plastic would be rectangular, but have folds in it which children could use to fold the material into different plane shapes. This toy would also have a drone attached to it, so it could be remote controlled to fly.

This toy would be durable as long as children didn’t crash it when flying. It would be safe as long as children didn’t crash it into each other while flying.

Age –  7+.