Bumper Car Land

Bumper Car Land

This toy is developed by the idea of conservation of momentum. This toy is meant to teach kids how thing interact with each other.

This toy is made up with a arena and several toy cars that have magnets attached to all directions. The cars can bump each other freely, and the magnet can prevent them from crashing too hard into each other. There are several different shape style of cars. They also have different weight on each other. There are several kinds of cars that can be winded, and also some that can’t. Children can place all cars in the area and watch cars interact with each other.

Bumper car model and how they might interact in the arena

This toy can teach children about how mometum works. They can also learn how matter interact with each other.

This car is made out of ABS plastic, which are highly durable. There are also magnets hidden inside the black bar around the car. The entire car is sealed, and there should not be any part that is removable if not using a screwdriver.