Puzzle Ball

Puzzle Ball

Interaction – The idea behind this toy is that it allows kids to exert both physical and mental activity. Kids can twist and assemble the pieces of the puzzle in order to form a spherical ball. It can engage one kid while solving the puzzle and groups of kids while playing ball games. When the ball is touched, body heat causes it to change color.

Physical Principle – This toy can bounce and that its pieces can be secured together like a puzzle.

Materials/Durability/Safety – The ball would be light weight and have a soft outer surface, so that kids could use it to play games after. The pieces would be made of soft, durable, plastic and have magnetic elements so they could stick together while the ball was being played with. The outside of the ball would also have temperature sensitive paint on it, so when it was touched, body heat would cause it to change color.

The softness of the materials would make it safe for kids to throw around and play with.

Age – Because parts of this toy can be a choking hazard, it is meant for ages 7+.