The Boomershot is a beautiful combination of a traditional slingshot and a Boomerang (Straight Outta Australia Mate!).  This revolutionary creation will change the way that you play!

This toy is based on the principles of elastic potential energy that is stored in the sling of the Boomershot and the aerodynamics behind the flight of the Boomerang.

How it Works

To play with the Boomershot, all you have to do is grip the handle, place the boomerang in the sling, pull back the sling as far back as you can while holding the handle sideways, and let it rip!  Once the Boomerang is in flight, track to where it is coming back and flip the Boomershot to the side with the net.  There is a strong magnet in the hoop of the net that will attract the Boomerang once it is within a few feet.  Catch the Boomerang and repeat the process all over again for maximum satisfaction!


The Boomershot is extremely durable, as the handle is made of steel and the sling is made of a high grade elastic polymer.  The boomerang itself is made out of Oak wood.  It costs around 10 dollars to make one boomershot but it is a toy that you can play with for many years.  This toy is not safe for children under 12 years old because the toy is powerful and needs to be used responsibly.  The Boomershot can do a lot of damage to property and people.