Pencil Transporter Gizmo 2 Criteria

Criteria 1 through 6 are essential. Criterion 7 is desirable. If you meet Criteria 8 and 9, the inhabitants will treat you well and send you home with some of their hidden treasure.

     Yes Somewhat     No
1. Is a physical object that is self-supporting
2. Is ready Tuesday April 10 at 3:00pm
3. Is made only of string, rubber bands, pencils, and copier paper
4. Transports a pencil across a horizontal distance of 1 foot
5. Keeps the pencil 3 inches above the river
6. No part of the Gizmo is over the river
7. Gently deposits the pencil on the opposite bank of the river
8. Is well-crafted, well-built, and safe
9. Is esthetic, as well as sturdy