CNC Router Access On Campus

When/Why to use a CNC Router?

A CNC router is perfect to use when you need precision cuts of thick materials like wood, fiberboard, plastics, foam and light metals. The CNC allows a user to cut custom shapes from 2D and 3D models in a material. Speed and precision of the CNC allow you to replicate your parts continuously.  One should use the CNC when carving/cutting a material is to difficult or too time consuming.


Where are the CNC Routers on campus?


Location: Hunt Library Basement, woodworking room

The only requirements to use IDEATE’s CNC Router is to complete the prerequisite EHS fire safety training, dress appropriately, and to bring your ID and drafting code.


Location: Margaret Morrison C4

dFAB streamlines the CNC process, with the only steps before utilization is to have a complete rhino file beforehand. One needs to be in the School of Architecture and pass their own safety and skill training before using the equipment.


Location: Doherty Hall C and D levels

artFAB appears to be open access to students(Could not find information about requirements to use), and one needs to provide CSV and VKB files (file types compatible with their software), and use one of the artFAB laptops to run the program.


CNC Machine in Action