Jack of all Trades

Jack of all Trades

Jack of all trades is a revamped version of a jack-in-the-box. Jack of all Trades will have more music boxes that a traditional jack-in-the-box, which will allow children to crank different levers and have an assortment of arms, legs, and bodies pop out of the box.

Jack of all Trades is a revamped version of a jack-in-the box. Children will be able to decide which box box to wind that controls what “arms”, “legs”, and “bodies” are released at the end of the song from different side compartments. These “arms”, “legs”, and “bodies” are compromised of animal body parts, human body parts and spring-like parts as shown above. The principal of Jack of all Trades is to entertain children in a funny way.

The children will interact with the toy by choosing which handle of the Jack of all Trades box to wind. Certain music boxes with be connected and will trigger different compartments on the sides, front and top of the box. Once the makeshift animal pops out at the end of the song, children will push in all parts of the animal back in their respective compartments and close the lids.  With the design changes made to the original design, children will have multiple iterations of “animals” that can pop out. Children will now have a chance to guess what animal will pop out next at the end of the song.

The materials that will be used for this toy are split up between structural and inside components. There will need to be several music boxes inside the box that children will wind with a lever on the back-side of the toy.  Springs will be needed to control the popping motions of the body components at the end of the song. Four of the six sides of the box with have compartments of flaps what will be closed by latches. For durability and safety, the box will be made from tin. Using tin will keep the toy light and increase the lifetime of the toy. Toys need to remain durable for several years, so tin in comparison to acrylic and wood would have a longer lifetime is dropped by children. This toy is intended for children above the age of three. Jack -in-the-box toys have a younger age range, but with multiple small pieces of rubber, plastic, and metal, Jack of all Trades would not be suitable for younger children.

Children will learn about music and anatomy. They will learn how winding the lever will create music, and how that music will make the different compartments open. One of the main lessons is the tendency of springs to contract and expand when force is applied to them. Overall, children will learn about the purpose of different components of a toy as they interact to produce a joyful surprise.