Course Schedule (subject to change)

This is a rough outline of the plan for the semester. It is subject to change.

January 14 T Design Games
January 16 R Toy Dissection
January 21 T Project 1 introduction and discussion
January 23 R WordPress tutorial Toy sketches due
January 28 T Toy concept presentations
January 30 R Toy web pages due
February 4 T Project 2: Overview of Manufacturing processes
Manufacturing process teams formation based on white board signups
February 6 R Discussion for Project 2: Toy manufacturing teams formed and preliminary selection of toy made
February 11 T Arduino lab 1
February 13 R Arduino lab 2
February 18 T Manufacturing process presentations
February 20 R Manufacturing process presentations Manufacturing process web pages due
February 25 T Manufacturing process presentations

Laser cutter training for IDeATe access

CAD files for toy parts due
February 27 R 3D printer training for IDeATe access
March 3 T Arduino lab 3
March 5 R Project 2 toy presentations; Intro to Project 3 Manufactured toys (or at least most of the parts) due
March 9-13 M-F Spring Break; No Classes
March 17 T Project 3: Discussion and final team formation
March 19 R  

Perfect Cardboard Cube

Web page documenting the completed Project 2 toy due
March 24 T Preliminary Project 3 idea presentations Preliminary Project 3 web page due
March 26 R Laser cutter safety training Exercise 1 CAD files due
March 31 T Team exercise (team dynamics)
Exercise 2 assigned
Exercise 1 printed planters due
April 2 R In class presentation and critique of Project 3 prototypes Project 3 proof of concept due
April 7 T Arduino lab Register for Meeting of the Minds
April 9 R Design Build part 1
April 14 T Design Build part 2
April 16 R Carnival!
April 21 T Functional prototype due including first draft of documentation and exhibit text
April 23 R Fully functional project 3 due dxf files and physical cube due for Exercise 2
April 25 Saturday Moving 4th into Engineering  (Date subject to change)
April 28 T Work day
April 30 R Exhibit with documentation and presentation due
Learning Portfolio due
May 6 W Meeting of the Minds