Assignment #3: Display Sounds of a State Machine

Use visuals to reflect the state of a state machine that normally uses sound to show state.  If you have your Arduinos, please use hardware.  If not, p5.js or other software on a computer is fine.  Show the state machine in your response, a diagram or words are both fine.

If you’re looking for some cues, 99 Percent Invisible has a great, 15 minute podcast on “Deafspace“.

Questions: I rely on my water boiler, microwave, a kitchen timers to beep at me when certain states are changed.  What’s a visual mechanism that doesn’t require me to simply stand there and wait?  (English expression: “A watched kettle never boils.”)

Due Mon, 14 Sep, 11:59pm.

One thought on “Assignment #3: Display Sounds of a State Machine”


    I do not know why but phone/mechanical alarms tend to give me migraines. (I think it’s because it suddenly creates a loud noise that wakes you up? not sure; but this is why I can’t take naps) So I just wake up corresponding to light. Yet I also sweat a lot, and I have been waking up in a gross state of mind because always wake up to the heat of the sunlight.
    So I thought, what if an LED lamp works as an alarm instead of creating a loud sound.
    I coded/made a circuit that has an LED that corresponds with the value of a photoresistor.
    In real life, the photoresistor would be attached behind the blind so when the sun comes out, the LED lamp will light up without sunlight over heating the room.

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