Body recognition in HCI for diverse applications

A] Behance Portfolio Review Kinect Installation

An open-minded approach to natural user interface design turned a portfolio review into a memorable interactive event.

B] Stroke recovery with Kinect

The project aims to provide a low-cost home rehabilitation solution for stroke victims. Users will be given exercises that will improve their motor functions. Their activities will be monitored with Kinect’s scanning ability, and a program that helps keep track of their progress.

This allows the patients to recover from home under private care or with family, instead of hospital environments. Their recovery levels can be measured and monitored by the system, and researchers believe the game-like atmosphere generated will help patients recover faster.


C] Kinect Sign Language Translator

This system translates sign language into spoken and written language in near real time. This will allow communication between those who speak sign languages and those who don’t. This is also helpful to people who speak different sign languages – there are more than 300 sign languages practiced around the world.

The Kinect, coupled with the right program, can read these gestures, interpret them and translate them into written or spoken form, then reverse the process and let an avatar sign to the receiver, breaking down language barriers more effectively than before.

D] Retrieve Data during a Surgery Via Gestures



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