Pet Pointer


A lazy dog

It is always great to have the companion of pets. However, it can get hard to keep a pet sometimes for people with hearing difficulty.  For example, pets like dog and cat like to run around when it is playing outside or hide in corners in the house. Usually people locate their pet by sounds or noises their pets make. This can be difficult for deaf people.

The vertical front view of the device

The solution I came up with is a pet locator that mechanically points to the direction of the pet. It has frequency sensors around and above the circular base to recognize any sound with familiar frequency. The direction of the sound is then indicated by the hand on top, which has a “wrist” that can rotate and bend. However, the fingers do not move for the ease of making the device.

The gesture of the hand when the pet is at the right.

Author: Zerui Huo

Hi I am a junior majoring in civil engineering. I would like to do a minor in physical computing. I like playing video games.

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