Intuitive TV (Volume) Remote


When watching something on TV, the volume we want it to be at is highly dependent on what is on the screen. If there is an action scene, the volume is usually way too loud and needs to be lowered. If the scene is dialogue with some background music, the volume often needs to be raised to understand what is being said. This is something that myself, my family, and my housemates have often faced and leads to us button smashing the remote after certain scene changes.

Proposed Solution:

After raising and lowering the volume three times, the volume automatically goes to the average of the low/high by simply holding the corresponding button for a second thereafter. The volume could still be adjusted from there by pressing the buttons, but being able to consistently go back and forth to a value would make things much more convenient. I chose three times of going back and forth because that leads to a pretty good average which would be quite close to the volume actually wanted each time as well as because three times is when I want to just hold the button down and go back to the previous low/high.

Proof of Concept:

Here I used two tactile push buttons to represent the up and down volume button respectively. I chose not to take too high or low volumes so that the video could be relatively short, but still make the point. As can be seen after cycling up and down the volume a few times, I long hold the up button and it goes to the average high. I then adjust it a bit lower to a medium volume followed by going back to the high. Finally, I skip to the low volume. I chose to start at volume 30 arbitrarily here, but for an actual TV, it would start at whatever the last volume was.


Hey everyone! I'm a senior in mechanical engineering with a minor in physical computing. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and build some cool projects:)

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