Sometimes we need an animal for emotional support; however, not everyone can afford to have pets! Therefore, I introduce a (part) of my robocat.

For cats, tail is one of the biggest indicator/langauge for how they feel right now.

Unlike dogs, cats wagging their tail indicate that they are agitated. The more they are annoyed, the more they wag their tails. So I created a module of correlation between petting and a tail overtime.

The button stands for a body part. When it is pressed, it. means that the cat is being pet. The LCD monitor shows the state of the cat literally.
The cat is pet for twice (button is pressed twice). The tail wags a little bit.
The cat is pet four times. The tails wags more, but still slowly.
The cat is pet for multiple times now. The cat is now starting to get annoyed.
You pet the cat for too many times! The tails wags rampantly, and now the cat hates you.

But cats, unlike humans, they are fast at forgetting.

After 10 seconds of being mad at you, the cat is now back to where she was.

(in the video, for convinience I set the timer as 3 seconds)

Video demonstration:


Junior in Art, trying to minor in physical computing.

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