Class Notes, 8 Oct 2020

Kinetic input devices

In 1968, Doug Englebart demonstrated the first “workstation”.  It’s a long watch but I think at least the first half will give you a lot of ideas on how to pitch a novel technological concept.  Stanford has a broken down version in flash.

Doug Engelbart’s 1968 Demo in full from Frode Hegland on Vimeo.

Accessibility vs Inclusion

What makes something accessible?  Is universal design also accessibility?

Inclusion ==> inviting, making someone want to participate. How do you invite someone to provide input / direction?

Microsoft has a great program on

Microsoft Inclusion and PDF book

Are 30mm arcade buttons are accessible? Interrupt or constant? Convex or concave? If you want to use Universal Design, how do you decide how big the button should be and where it’s located?

There’s a wide variety of arcade push buttons.  Are controls like buttons the wrong answer?  Is a better way to collect input?

What is wrong with the E-Stop button in A10?

  • Unlit
  • Recessed button “hidden” in a guard
  • No signage on the wall like we have with fire extinguishers

Kinetic Output and representation of data

tactile maps:

research data on tactile map comparison:

tactile graphics using “swell paper”:

what does a snowflake look like?  A butterfly?  A sailboat?

3d printing for the blind:

Not discussed in class — make your own 3d prints of maps.

Interrupts and kinetic interaction

  • Interrupts as inputs to state machines
  • Human interruption as part of a UI
  • Environmental interruption as part of communication.  How do we interrupt each other (politely!) during conference calls or video sessions?
  • Interrupts that limit motion — end-stop switches

ASL interpreters and physical communication

In lecture I was talking about ASL translators for public speakers, but I think interpretations of music  and lyrics are even more dramatic

ASL Poetry Sign-Off Finals

Cardi B, Bodak Yellow in ASL

Hamilton, “Wait for it“, “Guns and Ships“, and “Alexander Hamilton” by a group with nice costumes.



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