Class notes, 22 Oct 2020

Great posts about how you react to sound.  This is what we’re looking to do with sound — bypass thinking about what you’re hearing and have an immediate reaction.

Sound crit moved to 10 Nov.   3 Nov will be a workday in A10, 5 Nov will be another workday-not-in-A10.  I’ll be on zoom for both classes.


We’re looking at sounds-out-of-context.  Experimental music, the use of new technology to invent new music, etc.

Experimental / avant-garde sound

Mark Applebaum’s experimental instruments and scoring.

Nikoli Voinov who composed music by drawing on paper, creating animation that made sound.

Musique concrete using early technology to record and modify sound, including the original soundtrack to “Doctor Who”.  Some examples of recording found sound and reusing it for music.

Some music you should listen to as background music while you’re doing other tasks. Avant-garde and futurism is a rather wide grouping, like saying “rock” or “country”:

Experimental composition with traditional instruments including John Cage:

Luigi Russolo’s “industrial music” using sirens

The Development of Hip-Hop

Using street technology to change and create new genres of music. Entertainment and environmental sounds can come from other contexts with the use of equipment to record, store, modify, and replay.
Turntables used to create hip hop and the 1.5 hour documentary (good for a long flight)

Appropriating Sounds from Other Domains

There are a couple of famous sounds in hip-hop that became parts of pop and rave music.

Watch these:

  • The Orchestra Hit
  • The Amen Break

Save this for free time:

Rob Base teaching DJ at the university level

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